Welcome aboard!

Space the final frontier…more like the most boring place ever! Oh sorry. These are the voyages of the spaceship Venture. It small mission to find a place to sell stuff…so far we got nothing. Well that’s not completely true we have a cargo hold full of shower caps, clothes pins, and the item everybody wants, drum roll please…Maxi Clean detergent; ten thousand cases! Maxi Clean? You know the one from the infomercials…you’re going to make me sing it aren’t you!
“You don’t get it clean….do da do… unless it’s maxi clean… da do da”, WHAT? I didn’t write it.
The Venture is a merchant class freighter and was used in the last war as a freedom food carrier. But that was one hundred and thirty years ago, now the Venture was a joint investment between two brothers and their nephew, most of the family said it was a bad investment.
I guess I should introduce the crew, Beowulf was the oldest and acting captain (he thinks). Mostly because it was his idea, now he wasn’t so sure it was a good one. They were flat broke and this may be the shortest maiden voyage ever.
Sharps, Beowulf younger brother from a large farming family from a backwoods AG planet. Being a younger sibling isn’t always what its cracked up to be, especially in this motley crew of a family. Here we are once again; like when we were but mere space pups searching for that next big Einstein of an idea. The churning of the next extraordinarily galactic idea is truly my brother at his best, and his worst. Don’t get one wrong, the only way to make something of yourself is to follow that time old expression,
‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’

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The Venture

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