10 years in the navy, worked on the electronic equipment that made up the weapons systems on board. Also recruited for the military for 4 years, this is where his bargaining and negotiated skills came into play, also where he learned to cheat and lie in order to advance his own goals.


He realized early on that the easiest route is usually the best one, even though most of the time that comes back to bight him. At 18 he had a choice of going back to school or going into the Military. He thought that the Navy would be allot easier that spend another 4 years in school, obviously not a well thought out plan. After six years on a ship he decided to become a recruiter for the navy. Even though he was good at sales and lying, cause let’s be honest that’s what sales is, that that wasn’t something he wanted to pursue as a career. His wife got a job as a teacher so he decided it was time to go back to school, unfortunately that meant that he was now the one that had to clean cook and keep the kids in line. After 3 months of this, two of his Uncles sent him a short message and said “Hey, come spend all your money with us on buying a space ship that we have no clue how to operate”. Verble thought to himself sounds like a great idea ………(Might have been a drastic way to get out of his new role as the “house wife”)


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