Stasis Field Generator

creates a small bubble in space and time


A stasis field is a region where a stasis process is in effect. Stasis fields often have several common characteristics. These include infinite or near-infinite rigidity, making them “unbreakable objects”, and a perfect or nearly-perfect reflective surface. It relies on a physical device to establish this region. When the device is deactivated, the stasis field collapses; that is, the stasis effect ends.

with current technology this device creates a “bubble” about 12 inches in diameter. due to energy use it can only hold this bubble for 45 seconds…larger units on ships can be held indefinitely. It has been used in the medical field, food transportation and weapons. It does not cause any damages but pauses the enemy so that you can get out of the way.

.stasis.jpg Hand Held version
Cost 4K IC (imperial credit)

untitled__11_.png Ship version
Cost approx. 400K IC


Stasis Field Generator

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