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  • Freight Masters

    FDL Training and Freight Pilot School, Freight master pilots School has locations across the Galaxy. Most shipping companies require the successful completion of the FDL test and a Class A FDL commercial Pilot's license before Piloting a Freighter for …

  • metric ton

    "Metric Ton...A unit of mass equal to 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds).":https://www.google.com/#q=metric+ton&safe=off reference

  • deadhead

    •Dead mileage, movement of commercial vehicles in non-revenue mode for logistical reasons •Deadheading (aviation), crew traveling as passengers for logistical reasons

  • Travel time

    the following is a reference for travel times from center of system, I will use our system as example in days: Lunar station - Mars station = 2 : 18.5 hours one way, Lunar station - Jupiter station = 4 : 48.3 hours one way safe warp point - 72.5 …


    h4. Your title here...just a reminder of SUBLIGHT TRAVEL TIMES: *30 - 90 MIN.* Time needed to fly form a planets surface to on of its moons *6-12 hours* Time needed to fly from one planet to another within the same star system. This time …

  • Starship Statistics

    *Craft:* The ships manufacturer, name, and model number. *Type:* The ship's general classification. *Length:* How long the ship is. *Scale:* The ship's scale — Starfighter or Capital. When the ship gets into combat, you use the Scale Charts to modify …

  • Reference

    The following information is public reference material: Please feel free to browse. Back to Main: [[Main Page | Main Page]] [[deadhead | deadhead]] [[metric ton | metric ton]] [[Freight Masters | Freight Masters]] [[SUBLIGHT TRAVEL TIMES | SUBLIGHT …

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