Captain of the "Venture"


Is 45 and has a vanishing hair line; He not as strong or fast as he once was, in fact he has aches and pains in joints most people don’t know about. He has some scars some he will talk about some he wont. He has traveled some but his gypsy blood cant hardly stand being in one place to long. He wants to face the universe head on and wants to do it on his terms. He loves old music and old guns. He is pretty easy going for the most part, hates to fight but not afraid to throw a punch, when someone needs it. He is loyal to his friend and family and expects the same from them, he doesn’t’ have time for one-sided friendships.
He doesn’t fear death, he fears that when its his time, he wont make a good showing of it. That doesn’t mean he has a death wish…nope…just excepts the punches the universe throws and hopes he ducks at the right time.


Born on a small Ag World in a rural community, joined the imperial army to see the universe; and the parts he seen were not to pretty. he got to meet strange and exotic beings and kill them!
Got out of the Army and head back for his free land that was awarded to Vets. He was a communication specialist in the 5th Special Forces, a group called the Paladins, during the Colonial Wars on Mars.
he also had went to the university to study computer science. Ran a business trouble shooting for the mega corps and government. Just walked away one day in the middle of a meeting…He walked out of a marriage too.
He collects old signs and old guns…his collection grows everyday!
He now wants to write a new chapter to his life.


The Venture beowulf68