Alice station was the first large producing Ore fields, within 100 years it has been mined out. Only the lost and down and out souls remain. The large companies have abandoned this site but the small miners remain. It is a wild and wooly place, imperial marshals have a small out post here.

Ore is processed on-site through a process of crushing, grinding, sulphidization, froth flotation, dewatering and bagging. From the ROM pad ore passes through a jaw crusher and a two-stage milling process, comprised of a primary SAG mill followed by a secondary ball mill. After milling, material is subject to a unique sulphidization process which coats lead carbonate particles with a molecular sulphide layer, thereby encouraging flotation and allowing for the use of conventional flotation. Dewatering to achieve an 8% final moisture is accomplished via dual-stage concentrate thickening tanks followed by pressure filtering. Concentrate is gravity-fed from the pressure filter to the bagging area, where material is loaded into two tonne bags for transport, as outlined in “Transport, Testing and Sampling” below.

Power is currently generated on-site from a diesel power station. A lateral pipeline has been constructed to allow delivery of gas from the Goldfields Gas Pipeline, which passes some 37 km east of the mine. Installation of the line has been completed and plans are being developed to convert the generator set from diesel fuel to dual fuel technology.



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